Name: Chennapanaidu Darapaneni
Designation:‎ Managing Director & C.E.O
Company: Versant Online Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Education: B.Tech, Electronics & Communication, JNTU
Summary: In the beginning of the millennium Naidu started Versant Technologies in the U.S and then expanded to india. He found a gap in the event space and was determined to fill the same with the bouquet of MeraEvents. He hived off Versant Technologies. Before hanging up his boots in the hardcore technology realm, he bootstrapped another venture, Versant Online Solutions, the mother of MeraEvents, which has several other sibling products. Branding, hiring and funding are the three fundamental areas he handles in his venture. Under his stewardship, MeraEvents began making rapid strides into its upward journey with big-ticket deals in its kitty. From accounting to auditing, and from technology to ticket sale, Naidu Darapaneni is Jack of all trades. He is trying to be Master of all too. Currently member in HYSEA, TiE Hyderabad, NASSCOM etc., has inspired many budding entrepreneurs and encourages intrapreneurs within the organization.