TiE Hyderabad has a specific initiative for this purpose called Mentorshop. Mentorshop addresses Idea Stage, Early Stage, Growth Stage startup’s and so has focused mentoring sessions for these groups.

The Champions for the Mentorshop are:


Ideation Stage

Ideation stage is considered the infant stage of a start-up. You’re an employee, a student, or a research expert and you’ve woken up from a dream, had an epiphany and have validated your idea with your peers. This stage speeds up only when critical review of your idea starts from the beginning itself.
At this stage, you need a guide who has traversed these paths for a long time to assure your safe journey, often asking you the right questions to ensure you don’t get tired too early. Someone with industry experience to gauge the potential of your idea.

  •  Can your Idea turn into a functional enterprise?
  •  Does your idea solve any actual problem?
  •  Does another start-up already exist implementing your idea?

Are you confused because these questions are giving you sleepless nights?
We, at TiE MentorShop, tend to answer these queries with the help of Mentors from different walks of life, specifically dealing with your stage of this journey.

Early Stage

So, you’ve started up, built a product or service, have the business running with or without the help of a mentor, congratulations on making through the infancy stage to the adolescent stage of this journey. The confusion related to the ideation stage is now a learning, and with this learning comes the understanding of chaos. Chaos related to building enough traction to acquire new customers and increase your customer-base, to make a brand, to outlive the valley of death and break-even.

Mortality rate of businesses at this stage is the highest and we at TiE MentorShop, acknowledge your problem(s).

Our expert, proven mentors who are entrepreneurs themselves will provide you with insights that can help you traverse this rough phase. Providing you with their knowledge and acumen to deal with problems and take you to your next level.

Growth Stage

Congratulations ! for reaching this stage…

This is the time when things finally settle down, you have managed to establish processes that work to prosper your business, you’ve lived through the most violent and toughest times of your business. It’s really commendable that you made it so far, now you’ve reached at the adulthood of your journey, you’re self-sufficient, independent and mature. Reached still waters after the storm. Now you’ve finally tamed your business, have a good traction and a recurring target base, the need to scale up is very much the need of the hour.

With select mentors who know exactly how to deal with the problems you face distinctive to growth stage, growing and scaling will be a walk through the park.

For any queries write to mro@tiehyderabad.org

To know more about the mentors goto : http://hyderabad.tie.org/chartermembers/