Name: Jay Pullur
Designation: Founder & CEO
Company: Pramati Technologies (P) Limited
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Education: M.Tech, Computer Science IIT, Kanpur
Summary: Jay has been in the software industry for 25 years, mainly building products for new markets. Under his leadership, Pramati Technologies has incubated and spun-off multiple startups, under a unique business model. a global pioneer in Java application servers and the first in the industry to achieve J2EE certification.Prior to founding Pramati, Jay spent 10 years in technical leadership and software development roles during the early years of Wipro, an IT services giant (among Top 3) from India. Jay is responsible for Pramati’s vision, strategy, India team building, and culture. Jay is an avid reader, open-minded traveler, secular thinker, and a passionate student of creative design, aesthetics, and philosophy.

Go after your passion. Be fearless and persistent. Don’t look at the score board when playing the game. Journey will be rewarding. -Jay Pullur