Name: Venkatesh Narasimhan
Designation: Senior Vice President, Advanced Technologies
Company: Redpine Signals Inc
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Education: M.Tech, Communication Systems, IIT, Madras
Summary: Venkatesh has over 28 years of engineering and management experience in wireless system design, telecommunications, optical networking and avionics. Venkatesh is a key wireless technologist and champions the universal integration of wireless into embedded systems. His responsibilities include leading the development of wireless systems at Redpine’s development center in Hyderabad, and their application into diverse industry areas. Prior to joining Redpine Signals, Venkatesh was General Manager of Paxonet Communications. Prior to that, he was Deputy Manager in the avionics research unit of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Entrepreneurship is the art of the compromise.- achieving the sweet centre of how much of your dream can you make happen in how much time and with how much resources and at what cost -Venkatesh Narasimhan