Name: Dr. Srinubabu
Designation: ‎Managing Director
Company: Omics International
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Education: Postdoc, Cancer Biomarkers, Stanford University
Summary: Dr. Srinubabu started OMICS International in the year 2007. OMICS International is a publishing group that publishes 700 online open access journals in the fields of Clinical, Medical, Engineering & technology, Management, and Life Sciences that publishes 50,000 scientific research articles annually. As Dr. Srinubabu’s initial interests were in the field of proteomics and diabetes he named his organization as ‘OMICS’. As he was well aware of the difficulties of his fellow scientists in accessing the instant information and knowledge, he committed himself to the mission of ‘Open Access’ to guarantee free and immediate access to information for any academic or research requirement. Not confining to publishing alone, He quickly expanded his activities to International Science Conferences and events. With more than 1000 Annual Science Conferences, Congresses, Summits, Symposia and Workshops, OMICS International Science Events are dais for meaningful interaction and discussions where world class scientists deliberate their knowledge with young and aspiring scientists. Of late Srinubabu turned a venture capitalist, where he is all set to fund projects that generate self employment among the youngsters.

Disrupt the traditional businesses with innovation. -Dr. Srinubabu