Mentorshop: One-On-One Mentoring, 3rd February, 2017

TiE Hyderabad Chapter conducted its 2nd Mentorshop of the year 2017 with the theme of One-On-One Mentoring for the startups of Hyderabad on February 3rd 2017 at IIIT – Hyderabad. The mentoring needs were understood from each participant and allocated to a mentor accordingly. We had 20+ mentoring sessions with 12 Mentors.Our esteemed charter members who agreed to be mentors were: Mr. Pradeep Mittal, Mr. Bhanu Cherukuri, Mr. Prakash Dantuluri, Mr. Sharlin Thyail, Mr. Ramakrishna C, Mr. Rajesh Manthena, Mr. Viiveck Verma, Ms. Rashida Adenwala, Ms. Ekta Bahl, Mr. Sanga Reddy Peereddy, Mr. Subbarao Neelamaraju.

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