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He is a polytechnic mechanical engineer. He had begun his career as a fabricator and was outsourcing the products. He is none other than Mr. Sunil Gulati, founder of Invomed Cotab P Ltd, Injecto Capita P Ltd.

Sunil d graced our August 2018 Mentorshop, by being the speaker. He spoke about the most common and the most complex topic today, Sales.His entrepreneurial journey had begun when he joined his younger brother in establishing an IT consultant company in the U.S. After working there for a while Mr. Gulati returned to India and entered the manufacturing industry of Pharma products. Later, he moved to outsourcing zone of the same products.

Currently Invomed Cotab P Ltd has clients all over the South India. Since they are in the outsourcing field, whatever other companies launch they keep a track of all those products.

Sunil said, “Sales is the Mecca of everything. You have to know the customer.”

What’s more, Sunil promotes his own brands like Asporal and Dolo. These are registered products and he makes sure that registration functions regularly.

Previously, Sunil himself used go find out the concerned areas himself and meet them to present his model and ask the company to become his stockiest. He has incorporated the packing techniques from companies like Ranbaxy and Cipla.

Gulati’s business model was designed in way that there will be only one distributer per stockiest. Later he gives all the promotional materials to them. As the head, Sunil’s primary role is to identify the right stockiest.

Furthermore, the pricing of the products. Sunil says, “You should see the product margins. Good margins for the stockiest are important. Then the availability and the testing of the products come into picture.”

To introduce innovativeness, Sunil Gulati conducts new product launches every year. For instance, Asporal LS and Asporal S, by launching such products the owners will be on the top of the game.

All in all, Sunil Gulati’s is a lean management.

He conveyed that, “You have to be positive. There will be ups and downs you have to undergo, manage and address them.”

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