Name: Murali Kakarla
Designation: CEO
Company: Innobox Systems Pvt Ltd
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Education: ME, Communication Systems,  PSG College of Technology
Summary: An entrepreneur with a vision and a goal and a technocrat with a go-getter attitude. That in short sums up Murali Kakarla, the Founder & CEO of Innobox. Murali helped shape the company’s roadmap with a visionary zeal and used his engineering skills to build the base upon which the company stands today. Prior to founding Innobox, Murali built, led and managed engineering teams in such multinational companies like AMD, NVIDIA and PortalPlayer for over 12 years. He helped define strategies and roadmaps and has proven experience of leading software development, hardware design and integration teams to deliver some of the most innovative and technically challenging products that have shaped and redefined the consumer electronics market. Murali played crucial roles in the portable device revolution, leading and managing teams that helped shape this generation’s portable music players, portable media players, smart phones, tablets and portable wireless hotspots. He holds a patent in optimal power usage for portable devices. As an adjunct-professor, he regularly interacts with academia at universities and colleges.

Wireless Networking, Cellular, Wifi, IIoT, AI/ML, Edge Computing. Product Development, Scaling Business, Business Strategy, Fund Raising, Investor, Mentor