TiE-Woxsen EDP 2017

TiE Woxsen Entrepreneurship program is a joint venture between TiE Hyderabad and Woxsen School of business started to provide the required ammunition for entrepreneurs of ideation/ early and growth stage. It’s a six-day content intensive residential program which encompasses a variety of curated content pertaining to making an impactful business plan, various funding options, hiring methodologies, managing marketing strategies, monitoring sales force et al. The program saw 23 participants coming from various sectors such as pharma, healthcare, manufacturing, tech etc. This mix and our platform provided the participants with knowledge and nitty gritties of each sector.
With eminent speakers from across industries using their experiences as case studies and faculty of Woxsen school of business, participants were treated with plethora of relevant experiences using their business as a case study for consulting. Overall the program was well received and gave a chance to 3 strong business ideas to get a mentor assigned and a chance to pitch to an investor(s).

Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam, Founder & Chairman, Volksy Technologies
Topic: What’s Entrepreneurship? during TiE Woxsen Entrepreneurship Development Program 2017

Mr. Bharath Lingam, CEO, PurpleTalk & CEO, XCUBE
Topic: SMOOTH SAIL AND ROUGH SAIL, Journey of an entrepreneur

Mr Bhanu Cherukuri, Director, Cherukuri Ventures Pvt Ltd
Topic: Business Ideas – Generation, Evaluation, Development and When to Pull the Plug?

Mr. Srini Chandupatla, Co-Founder, Manjeera Digital Systems Inc
Topic: Enlightening students on Business Plan – Purpose, Framework, Components and Writing the Business Plan

Dr Costas Andriopoulos, Professor of Management and Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship
Topic: CASS Business School sharing experiences on Entrepreneurship and Investor Perspective

Ms Ekta Bahl, Partner, Smvad Partners
Topic: Legal and IP considerations

Prof. S. Arvind, Dean, Woxsen School of Business
Topic: Linking the Business Plan to the potential markets Identifying relevant target markets

Prof. Surjith Reddy, Prof. – Sales & Distribution, Woxsen School of Business
Topic: Structure of Marketing Plan, Preparing Marketing Budget and ROI analys

Mr. Suresh Reddy M, Chief Executive Officer, LYCOS
Topic: Digital marketing and Customer demographics

Mr. G. Ramasubramaniam, Woxsen School of Business
Topic – Basics of finance for managing a start-up Working capital, cash-flows, profit

Mr. Sreekanth Perepu, Investment Director – Hyderabad Angels
Topic – Various funding options How to present to External investors

Mr. Sanjay Jesrani, Founder & CEO, Go North Ventures
Topic – Boot-strapping the project capital – Pros & cons of having external investors

Dr. Apurva Sanaria, Woxsen School of Business
Topic – Organisation’s structure and reporting, Ingredients of a good team for start-ups, Organisational culture and result-orientation

Mr. Viiveck Verma, co-founder DiSRUPPt Thinking
Topic – Hiring, retaining, evaluating and managing the team members, People challenges, Changes in HR policies as the firm grows

Mr. Vikas Mehta, Woxsen School of Business
Topic – Managing Marketing strategies

Prof. S. Arvind, Dean, Woxsen School of Business
Topic – Sales-force management, Setting sales targets, identifying potential market segments, developing an effective sales presentation, Focusing on key accounts, Customer-relationship management.

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