Name: Raghu Babu Gunturu
Designation: Founder & Director
Company: SimplyBiz Private Limited (SimplyBiz) 
web iconEducation: Master of Commerce, Fellow Company Secretary, PGPMAX (Exe MBA),  Indian School of Business

SimplyBiz is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm with a competent and experienced team in the areas of accounting, tax, compliance, and legal. SimplyBiz operates in four broad segments – a. Business Set up in India for foreign companies and investors b. Entity Management – Accounting, Tax, and Compliances for early stage and growth stage technology and services companies c. Transaction Advisory services for investors d. Corporate Secretarial and Compliance. Raghu had set up and ran R & A Associates and Samisti Legal before starting SimplyBiz in 2022. Raghu had also confounded FreshChops, a meat eCommerce marketplace that had to be shut down as funds could not be raised through the business model was proved.

He follows a management style of empowering people with accountability. He is a pro-business-friendly professional and seeks to advocate ease of doing business. He thinks India is at an inflection point and likely to grow 8-10 % over the next 2 decades and will offer huge opportunities to Indian entrepreneurs and professionals.

He is an Angel Investor invested in 20+ companies across e-commerce, fin-tech, clean energy, and reg-tech, etc., He is also a partner in Succeed Innovation Fund. He is the Trustee of Abhaya Foundation (Not for profit) working on skilling and empowering of youth since 2016.