Name: Sailesh Gumidelli
Designation: Owner
Company: Cache Peripherals Pvt Ltd


Sailesh Gumidelli is the Director in Cache Peripherals Pvt Ltd, Cache Next, Cache Properties Pvt Ltd, Cache Technology and partner in Chain of Garment retail stores. He Holds a Master’s Degree in Management and attended various Management Courses in the last two decades. He is a first-generation entrepreneur who built all the Cache Group of Companies. He is a recipient of various awards from IT Companies and Publications. He has also served as Board Member in APJ – HP Partner Advisory Board. He has been awarded as Best President and Best Club in Rotary Dist in his tenure. He also served as President for IT Hardware Association. He hails from a traditional and well known family from Secunderabad. He is also a part of the family tradition of philanthropy by managing and maintaining two large temples and educational institutions and volunteers in Rotary. He is an avid Golfer.