Name: Satish Madiraju
Designation: Co-founder
Company: 1Script Health Private Limited

Summary: I am a Physician MBA and Cardiologist with 20+ years of healthcare experience as a clinician and administrator. For most of my clinical & administrative career, I was an intra-preneur developing innovative care models and successful clinical programs that achieved regional and national reputation. In New York, I directed the development of a profitable CardioVascular service line with clinical and administrative responsibilities over a diverse team of professionals. I specialize in conceptualizing and executing new healthcare projects that fulfill the clinical needs of a community while bringing new revenue and reputation to the healthcare system.

I was attracted to the immense opportunities in the Indian healthcare ecosystem and moved back to India to build a startup in the health InsurTech space. Along with a co-founder, I currently manage a small distributed team and we recently launched an MVP and are in the process of onboarding our first paying customer.