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TiE Hyderabad introduces a new membership format called the “Select Members.” The Select Members or the SMs are an eclectic club of individuals who have exhibited a special entrepreneurial talent, and have successfully taken their company from launch phase to hyper growth state. These are an exclusive set of individuals who have hands on experience and want to share their knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. They also would like to socialize, interact and exchange growth ideas and strategies with peer SMs, while seeking advise, mentorship and strategic guidance from TiE Charter Members (CM) in Hyderabad and connect to TiE CMs worldwide.

  • Be a part of an eclectic club of seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Network, grow and get advise from best in Hyderabad’s successful business men.
  • Join the community of over 14000+ accomplished entrepreneurs across the globe in 63 chapters from 14 countries, whose sole aim is to foster entrepreneurship and give back to budding entrepreneurs.
  • Participate and showcase your company and product in TiE exclusive events and TiE network.
  • Listen to wide variety of innovative ideas and startups, get an opportunity to participate and invest in the future.
  • Get invited to special Leadership series where you hear from the best in country and beyond.
  • Access to a global network of 3000+ Charter Members 1500+ TiE Angel Investors.
  • Highly driven individual who is founder or Co-founder of a Company with ARR minimum ₹10 Cr.
  • Or has 50 employees or more.
  • Or has Highly Recognizable/awarded brand/product – national or global.
  • Or has at least 40+ paying customers.
  • Or has raised min $3 million in Angel/VC/PE money.
  • Membership fee: Rs 40,000+GST per annum
  • One-time sign up fee: Rs 40,000+GST
TiE CMs Speak:

Ashok Reddy, Board Member of TiE and Founder of GrabOn said, “I think this is a great step by TiE Hyderabad to Foster Entrepreneurship, there were either Associate Members (who were wannabe entrepreneurs or very early stage entrepreneurs) or Charter Members (very established entrepreneurs) as part of TIE. The Select Members will get benefited from the access to TiE Global ecosystem. Looking forward for a vibrant entrepreneurs community in Hyderabad”

Murali Talasila, Partner & Innovation Leader at PWC India said, “Entrepreneurship could get lonely and complex in today’s age of disruption – we at TiE believe that the Select membership can address exactly those issues.”

Manohar Reddy, Founder & CEO of Feuji Inc. says’ “Join the SELECT few”

Pradeep Mittal, CEO of Greatfour Systems said, “Select membership is an excellent way for budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of TiE network globally. I personally being associated with TiE more than 15 years, when I started my business in Hyderabad and immensely benefited. Great guys”

Rakesh Bhatia founder of TheCapitalNet said, “There is a newer breed of entrepreneurs who can be both a source of motivation and learning for upcoming entrepreneurs at the same time requires support from those who have been there done it, this is an exact platform for those… TiE Select Members”

Sanjay Jesrani, Board of Director of TiE Hyd’bad and Founder of GoNorth Ventures says, “TiE Select is the orbit you enter as you achieve “Takeoff velocity” in business and life – a hearty welcome to all new members, look forward to learning from you all, and glad to share insights from our learning.”

Suresh Reddy, President TiE Hyderabad and CEO&Founder of Brightcom Group said, “There is a growing tribe of young entrepreneurs, who are recently successful and yearning to provide a helping hand to the early stage startups on the one hand yet looking for guidance on certain areas to grow their business to next level. TiE Hyderabad saw an opportunity to group up this select outliers under a new line membership.”

Viiveck Verma, CSO Srinivasa Farms and Curator of TED X HYD said, “This is yet another great initiative by TiE Hyderabad to expand the Entrepreneurial eco system with this new tier of membership. This will give founders a opportunity to engage with both established players and fresh founders and build a bridge which can enhance the entire eco system. This bridge is very essential step towards enhancing the overall growth and support of Startups in the city of Hyderabad and beyond.”

Contact TiE:

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Executive Director
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Member Realtionship Officer
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