As a part of the TiEGrad program, the BizHack Bootcamp is a business challenge hackathon that is delivered through a process of learning, understanding, mentoring, brainstorming and team working, set in a 4-day boot camp, specially designed to cover the most important aspects of business.

As a part of the TiE BizHack Bootcamp, each institutional member can nominate a maximum of 5 students in various areas of expertise. BizHack is formatted as a hybrid between a bootcamp and a hackathon. So while we are dealing with live challenges in a hackathon style, we are doing it through a process of learning in a bootcamp style. Thus while learning is happening, its through authentic live challenges for which solutions are sought. The Bootcamp will start with throwing open different live challenges by TiE Charter Members, that are being faced in business and are put together in the form of case studies. Students will be put into teams and each team will have to hack a challenge and find solutions by using the information and learning that they derive through the sessions.

Objectives of the program:

To nurture Entrepreneurship in college campuses
Create continuous engagement for College ED-cells with TiE for Entrepreneurship Programs.
To help college industry interface to solve societal problems
To give a taste of the live problems that need hacking thereby enhancing the learning.

Benefits to Students:

It will energise the start-up activity on college campuses.
It will help industry-academia interface.
It may help colleges in getting startup internships
Students may also receive industry mentorship & support for their entrepreneurial ventures.
Students will also get a chance to be part of a larger TiE GPL and several other such opportunities in the start-up ecosystem.