Grand Opening – We owe our children a better planet

Deep Tech is just a Trailer

5 Pitfalls a Funded Start-up Should Avoid

The Future of entertainment

Paul Singh in Conversation with Andrew NG

Google for Start Ups

Power The Shift to Automation Singularity Leveraging Automation

Diet for the Mind

Digital Ecosystems – Approach & Opportunities

Building High Performance Leadership

Leveraging the Board for your success

Private Equity Investments in India

Is Your Startup Fundable?

Thinking Big and Going Global

Unbelievable Business Ideas

Awards Ceremony

Inner Engineering : Technologies for Wellbeing
Swati Piramal in conversation with Sadhguru

Skit by TiE Woman

Closing Ceremony

Developing Entrepreneurship ecosystem

Digital Transformation Success| Flipping the odds

Strategizing for a Successful Exit- Part 2

Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

Funding through Grants for Startups

A Guided Self Discovery to Cultivate the Full Spectrum of your Human Potential Keynote by Anjum BabuKhan

The Fourth Industry Revolution | One connected world!

The Techie Women

Embrace, Engage & Empower

Bold and Beautiful

Post Corona Reconstitution Programme

Opportunities in the defense sector

Consumer Data as an Asset

Energizing A Sustainable Future

Never let a Pandemic Go Waste: Lessons Learnt

Peek into an Investors Mind

Inner Engineering : Technologies for Wellbeing Swati Piramal in conversation with Sadhguru

Founders Passion & The Power of Belief

Cross – Border Scaling Session

Untapped and Unserved

The Leadership Debate

Winning Business Plans

Empowering Rural India


Republic of Korea Indo Korean Relations

Strategy in times of Uncertainty

RPA + AI + Analytics as the new enterprise digital force

Republic of Korea Indo Korean Relations Kotra

Investing in Smart Ideas

Harnessing the untapped potential of Edtech

Gaming Media SIG eSports and Gaming in Cricket Challenges and Opportunities

VAH Women

The Leadership Debate

80 20 Rule or Rubbish

Selling B2B companies

Why and How Should you be using LinkedIn in your marketing strategy

Pillars Of Digital Strategy

5 Pillars Of Digital Strategy Part 2

Lahore 2 Investing in Entrepreneurs

Industrial Investor Pitching Session

Nagpur What makes a venture fundable

London 2 Fertile Ground for Young Minds Insights from Farm to Tablet

Dell Keynote session

TiE Kerala 3 & 4 Genomics & Manufacturing

Formulating a Digital Workplace Strategy

Ahmedabad 2 Manoeuvring IP to yield Success

Art of Writing

Coimbatore In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity

FinTech SIG

Incubator Accelerator IAS New Roles and New Opportunities

Dubai Ecosystem Visions of the Middle East

Launching and Scaling Businesses in Low touch World

Delhi 2 – Government Schemes Every Founder Should Know

 Dhaka 2 – Bangladesh Start up Ecosystem – The Untapped Digital Goldmine of Asia

Frontier And Deep Tech – Inestors Pitching Session

Kolkata 1 – The Business of Brands

 London 2 – Investing in you health – Key trends in health and Med Tech what the new vaccines will mean

Sydney 2 – Capital Rising and Listing through austrialian stock exchange ASX – For global tech companies an alternate to NASDAQ

Bangalore 2 – Start Up Funding Karnataka Eco-System

Industry Speaker Achyut Chandra

Industry Speaker Dr. Anita Gupta

Industry Speaker Dr. Karthik ramesh

Industry Speaker Justin Paul

Industry Speaker Mrinalini Shastry

Industry Speaker Rajesh Kumar Singh

Industry Speaker Sangeeta Bani

Industry Speaker Soumil Sharma

Industry Speaker Vinayak Kathare

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Social impact Pitiching

Education, Media and Gaming Investor Sessions

Tech & Tech-enabled – Investor Pitching Session