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TiE Grad 2019-20

About TiE Grad Program

TiE Hyderabad has brought you a top-class global entrepreneurship program, TiE Grad, to enable you to develop entrepreneurial mindset and encourage to build on your own business ideas.

Through TiE Grad program you can participate in a series of workshops and competitions. This is an initiative run by entrepreneurs for students aspiring to be entrepreneurs. We believe that “Entrepreneurship is a state of mind” and not just about starting businesses.

Developing Entrepreneurship Zone:

A successful entrepreneur, who is a TiE Mentor & most coveted Charter Member, will be attached to each institutional member as a part of the TiE Grad program. These charter members will provide a yearlong mentoring and enable an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the campus.

Curated Entrepreneurship Program:

TiE Charter Member will give an Introduction on Entrepreneurship and interested students will nominate themselves to participate in the Business Idea tournament. Level-1 competition will be intra-college and level-2 will be an inter-college championship.

Students will form groups of 3-5 students each in a team. TiE Charter Member will take the students through Idea Boot Camp & Business Model Canvas development workshop. The students will then be given 3-4 weeks of time to convert their idea into a Business Plan by conducting customer surveys, and market research about the viability & feasibility of their chosen product/service/solution. All the information required to convert an idea into a business plan model will be shared by TiE with the students.

A Business Plan Competition will be held within the college and the best TWO teams will be selected.

Business Idea Tournament:

These teams will go through thorough mentoring/guidance by the TiE Charter Member before they participate in the Inter-College competition. Finalists from this championship will be nominated to TiE Global University Challenge, student B-Plan competitions in the US and other countries.

TiE Hyderabad is proud to mention that our TiE Grad finalists from 2017, WCB Robotics, won the biggest investment of half a million dollars for their unique idea which was selected a TiE Hyderabad.

GPL (Grad Premier League): 

GPL is a Marathon Hackathon, for students who are academically brilliant or have deep expertise in specific areas. This Hackathon will help them showcase their prowess, while the students oriented entrepreneurially will focus on B- plan competitions.

As a part of Hackathon, each institutional member can nominate a maximum of 5 students in various areas of expertise who will randomly be picked by the team owners through a bidding process. These selected students will be further groomed by a coach (subject matter expert in these areas. Post which, a minimum of 10 teams will compete with each other on real-world business problems curated by large corporate, viz. EY, PWC, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Google etc.


Please actively share, distribute, circulate and encourage most of the students from different years/disciplines/branches of your college to fill up and join this top-class program your institution is providing you at no extra cost to you.

Apart from the TiE Grad Program, TiE Hyderabad also conducts over 50-60 events a year under 20+ themes, in which TiE student members are allowed attend relevant events for honing their soft skills and networking with market leaders.

To participate in this fabulous program, TiE Grad, students need to nominate their name by filling Google Form

TiE Grad Faculty Interaction Session

TiE Grad Kickoff Sessions – Day 1 Workshop

Students have always been at the forefront of any major revolutions, and today when India is marching towards an economic revolution, students need encouragement to take their entrepreneurial journey ahead. With an objective to create awareness and promote entrepreneurship amongst the college goers, we initiated our new flagship event called, TiE GRAD initiated by Mr Pradeep Mittal the President of TiE Hyderabad. It is a multilayered program divided into 4 phases to ensure engagement and education. In its first phase, we conducted knowledge sessions through speaker series with our partnered institutions.

Partnered Colleges


The associated mentors shared their personal experiences about topics like “Business Idea: origin and validation”, “Key ingredients for entrepreneurial success”, “Making a business plan” and “Importance and methodologies of Scaling up any business” which deemed most relevant to the students. This helped the students prepare for phase two of TiE GRAD, an intra-institutional business plan competition. Students were armed with the required ammunition to prepare their business plans. From the plethora of business plans received, the mentors chose 10 presentations from each college and picked two winners.
The third phase ended with TiE GRAD’s Grand Finale that took place on 18th December 2017, where we saw 15 pitches from colleges such as Birla Institue of Technology and Science – Hyderabad, Institute of Public Enterprise, SR Engineering College – Warangal, Woxsen School of Business, Indian Institute of Technology – Hyderabad, International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology and Nalsar University of Law which competed head on with each other.

Jury Members

The jury was a mix of Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs

This program was attended by prominent personalities of the startup ecosystem and Educational institutes of Hyderabad. The selected students came up with practical and scalable ideas which made the task of selecting winners tough for the judges.
Two winners were chosen, namely Team WCB from BITS Pilani and Team Law School 101 from NALSAR. Team WCB intends to make the next generation of robots to clean the façade of tall sky scraper avoiding risk to human life where as Team Law School 101 focused on making law education accessible to everyone.


The fourth and final phase includes nominating the winners of TiE GRAD 2017 for TiE University Competition. The Final 2 Winners from TiE University Challenge will have automatic entry as the top 42 teams in the RBPC, with an opportunity to win award money of $1.5 million in cash and investment prizes. The Rice University Business Plan Competition (RBPC) is the largest and most prestigious business plan competitions in the world.

The first edition saw a various mix from the student community coming from Law, Business and Technology backgrounds. Though their pitches were nearly perfect, the students found experts amongst their peers who could help them with technology, business and regulatory aspects. The first edition left us with so much to learn and gave us the vision of endless possibilities.
Our aim is to extend this opportunity to more students by having meaningful partnerships with educational institutions of different flavors of academia. We want to have business ideas coming form Pharma, Bio-Tech, Medical, Architecture, Agricultural, Creative arts, Food and hospitality etc., to help students find peers with complimentary skills to make their idea into a reality.

Enrollment of colleges for 2018 has started.