In this 15 Sessions student entrepreneurship program, Biz. concepts are delivered through virtual classes on Idea Validation exercises, Biz modelling tools & techniques plus interactive sessions on innovative design thinking & rapid prototyping Solution development, B-plan creation workshops, virtually….



Practicing Entrepreneurs teach & mentor Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs to convert their ideas in to meaningful business plans  & conduct team mentoring activities, which help TYE Virtual students to learn & work in peer groups.


Selection criteria for advanced program (limited to top 30):
Mandatory to complete TYE Virtual Basic, best attendance, high scores in daily tests, best results in final assessment & Jury evaluation of individual presentation.

Benefits for TYE Virtual Students


SNO Date Session Topic
1 July 12 Introduction - What is Entrepreneurship?
2 July 14 Business Models
3 July 16 Products Vs Services & P-M Fit
4 July 18 Customer Interviews & Validation Exercises
5 July 20 Marketing
6 July 22 Legal Foundation & Finance
7 July 24 Idea Validation & MVP Development
8 July 26 Lean Canvas & Making a Business Plan
9 July 30 Virtual Finale - Results
Elevator Pitch Competition

TYE Leadership

Manohar Reddy Mr
President, TiE Hyderabad
CEO, Feuji, Inc

Suresh Raju
Vice President, TiE Hyderabad
MD, Golden Hills Capital


N Venkatesh
Board Member – TiE Hyderabad
Senior Director, Engineering Silicon Labs

Viiveck Verma
Board Member – TiE Hyderabad
Founder, UpSurge Enterprise Solutions

Swastik Bihani
Head of Products & GM

Technology Partner

In Association With

Grand Finale Jury

About TYE

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is a Global Program fostering the next generation of business leaders. TYE helps high school students (grades 9-12) learn entrepreneurial skills, invention and innovation by doing, rather than talking!

The TYE program is designed for a 16 week period, which includes class room instruction, design thinking workshops, mentoring support for business plan development, and culminates with business plan competition.

Session Timings: 9:30AM to 1:30PM

In this 16 week entrepreneurship programmanagement concepts are delivered through  class room instruction plus design thinking & rapid prototyping workshops & team building activities, which help TYE students to learn & work in peer groups

TYE is the only program in which Practicing Entrepreneurs teach & mentor Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs to convert their ideas in to meaningful business plans.

Winning team from Hyderabad will be nominated to  the TYE global finals in U.S.A to compete with 30 other teams across 14 countries.

Hyderabad Chapter holds a record of winning at global competition for the past 3 years. 

Registrations Closed |  For any queries please contact:
7799439281/[email protected]

Program Objectives:

» Encourage Entrepreneurial Mindset from early age and provide insight into Entrepreneurship
» Develop business plan acumen and communication skills
» Discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
» Nurture to be a well rounded personality with leadership qualities
» Instill confidence to lead in a global environment
» Strengthen team building acumen and collaboration amongst participants

Program Highlights:

We Hub Hyderabad , Rd Number 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

TYE led by serial entrepreneurs & thought leaders

$10,000 worth of cash prizes for global winners

Program Impact:

» #TYE Alumni Strength – 347
» #Mentor Hours/Yr – 140
» Success @ Global finals – 3 yrs in a row
» Prize Money/Investements raised ~$500k

Program Schedule:


Session Topic


 20th October, 2019  Sunday  Introduction – What is Entrepreneurship?  9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 3rd November 2019 Sunday  Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs  9:30 AM – 04:30 PM (Full Day Session)
 10th November, 2019 Sunday  Products Vs Services 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 17th November, 2019 Sunday  Business Models and Lean Canvas 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 24th November, 2019 Sunday  Marketing 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 1st December, 2019 Sunday  Legal Foundation & Finance  9:30 AM – 04:30 PM (Full Day Session)
 8th December, 2019 Sunday  Communication/Team building skills  9:30 AM – 04:30 PM (Full Day Session)
 15th December, 2019 Sunday  Making a business Plan 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 22nd December, 2019 Sunday  Mentoring Session 1 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 29th December, 2019 Sunday  Mentoring Session 2 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 5th January, 2020 Sunday  Mentoring Session 3 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
 19th January, 2020 Sunday  Grand Finale

Team Carbonation were declared the Winners of TYE 2018-19
Team Pentadactyl were declared the Runners-up of #TYE innovation challenge 2018-19.

Media Coverage

TYE Grand Finale Images

TYE 2018-19 Program Venue:
Pramati Technologies 
Mid Town, 6-3-348, Rd Number 1, Dwarakapuri, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Tentative Schedule:

WORKSHOP TIMINGS – Unless mentioned, will be between 9:30AM – 1:30PM.
(Except on 28th Oct & 2nd Dec, Classes will be held between 930AM – 430PM). Lunch will be provided on the days we have full-day classes)

S.No Dates Topic Session Timings
1 21st Oct Curtain Raiser, What is Entrepreneurship 930AM to 1.30PM
2 28th Oct Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs 930AM to 430PM
3 4th Nov Business Models 930AM to 1.30PM
4 11 th Nov Products Vs Services 930AM to 1.30PM
5 18th Nov Marketing 930AM to 1.30PM
6 25th Nov Finance & Legal Foundation 930AM to 1.30PM
7 2nd Dec Communication / Team building skills 930AM to 4.30PM
8 9th Dec Making a business Plan 930AM to 1.30PM
9 16th Dec Mentoring Session 1 Will be notified
10 23rd Dec Mentoring Session 2 Will be notified
11 06th Jan’19 Mentoring Session 3 Will be notified
12 20th Jan’19 Business Plan Competition Will be notified
13 February ‘19 A day in CEO’s Life Will be notified
14 February ‘19 A day for real work experience Will be notified
15 June ‘19 Global Competition Will be notified

TiE Hyderabad launched first edition of TYE Summer that aims at teaching entrepreneurship to high school students and helping them discover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. During the program, the students form teams, go through classroom session modules focused on different aspects of business and entrepreneurship, then write and present a business plan on their own idea. Students will get an opportunity to spend an interesting and enlightening day with a CEO to observe and learn at first hand. All along, they are taught and mentored by renowned entrepreneurs of Hyderabad.

These experiences will be one the best insights for the students to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Team MyFo – ‘My Food My Choice’ an aggregator of food service companies, were declared the Winners of TYE Summer Business plan competition 2018.

Team OROME – ‘Eat Fresh Eat Organic’ organic home food, were declared the Runners-up of TYE Summer Business plan competition 2018.

TiE Hyderabad team POP & LICK won the  the second prize and USD 2,000 at the annual TiE Young Entrepreneurs Global Competition held in Washington DC

Team POP&LICK was declared the Winners of TYE in TiE Hyderabad 2017-18  Business Plan Competition. Their Product is “Edible Popsicle holder that prevents dripping”

TEAM NURTURE was declared as Runner Ups – “A unique nutrition bar to fulfill a “Gonna be mother’s” daily nutritional supply.”

Topics & Faculty:

♦ Introduction to Entrepreneurship – Mr Murali Bukkapatnam Founder & Chairman, Volksy Technologies
♦ Design Thinking – Ms Aanchal & Mr Vinay Hasija (Faculty from ISB)
♦ Finance – Mr Sanjay Jesrani, Founder & CEO, Go North Ventures
♦ Marketing – Mr Sharlin Thayil, Co-Founder & CEO, VU360 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
♦ Lean Canvas – Mr. Venkatesh Narsimhan, SVP-Advanced Technologies, Redpine Signals Inc
♦ Business Models-   Mr. Viiveck Verma, Co Founder, DiSRUPPt Thinking
♦ Legal Foundation & IP – Ms Ekta Bahl, Partner, Samvad Partners
♦ Communication /Team Building – Mr Raju Madhavan, Forum Facilitator, The Forum Corporation


♦ Mr Ralhan Beas Dev, CEO, Next Education Pvt Ltd
♦ Mr Murali Kakarla, CEO, Innobox Systems Pvt Ltd
♦ Mr Rakesh Bhatia, Partner, Beyond Strategy Consulting
♦ Mr Srikanth Tirumala, Founder & CEO, Hooper Labs Inc
♦ Mr Srini Chilukuri, Managing Director, Flexeye IT Services
♦ Mr Sanga Reddy Peerreddy, Founder & CEO, Setuserv

TiE Young Entrepreneurs – 2016:

Team Juicerr was declared the Winners of TYE in TiE Hyderabad 2016 Business Plan Competition. Their Product is a Powdered juice which contains 98% of Fruit Contents

(LtoR) Mr Suresh Challa (President, TiE Hyderabad 2016), Mr Sanga Reddy, (Co-Chair, TYE), Team Members Armaan Kumar (Chirec Public School), Raghav YS (Diksha-A Waldorf School) and Pranavi Vegesna (Delhi Public School, Hyderabad) along with Dr S K Joshi (IAS, Special Chief Secretary, Department of Irrigation & CAD, Government of Telangana), Shri AjitRangnekar, (Former Dean, Indian School of Business), Shri P J Narayanan (Director, IIIT, Hyderabad), Mr T Muralidharan (Chairman, TMI Group) and Mr Venkatesh Narasimhan (Co-Chair, TYE)

TEAM CHECKOUT was declared as Runner Ups which made An app that eliminates the hassle of long lines, by employing barcode scanning technology on your Smart Phone

(LtoR) Mr Sanga Reddy, (Co-Chair, TYE), Team Member Vikhyat Devireddy (Oakridge International School), Tarun Vallabhaneni (Oakridge International School), Saahit Reddy Kambham (Aga Khan Academy), Shri Ajit Rangnekar (Former Dean, Indian School of Business), team member Sahiti Satti (Delhi Public School, Hyderabad), (in between Mr T Muralidharan (Chairman, TMI Group)), team member Sarvani Kolachana (Chirec Public School)then, Shri P J Narayanan (Director, IIIT, Hyderabad) and Mr Venkatesh Narasimhan (Co-Chair, TYE)

Topics & Faculty:

♦ Introduction to Entrepreneurship – Mr Murali Bukkapatnam Founder & Chairman, Volksy Technologies
♦ Design Thinking – Ms Aanchal & Mr Abi Paul (Faculty from ISB)
♦ Finance – Mr Sreekanth PS, Executive Director, Hyderabad Angels
♦ Marketing – Mr Srivatsan Sarathy, Managing Member, 15 STEP Marketing LLC
♦ Business Models- Mr Sanga Reddy, Founder & CEO, Setuserv
♦ Legal Foundation & IP – Ms Ekta Bahl, Partner, Samvad Partners
♦ Communication /Team Building – Mr Viiveck Verma, Co Founder, DiSRUPPt Thinking


♦ Ms Nandita Sethi, ‎Managing Director, Zen Skillproc Pvt Ltd
♦ Mr Ralhan Beas Dev, CEO, Next Education Pvt Ltd
♦ Mr Murali Kakarla, CEO, Innobox Systems Pvt Ltd
♦ Mr Viiveck Verma, Co Founder, DiSRUPPt Thinking
♦ Mr Bhat Dittakavi, Founder, CEO, Data Scientist, Variance AI
♦ Mr Suresh Paladugu, Founder and CEO, NorthAlley
♦ Mr JT Rao, Chairman & Managing Director, winAMR Systems Private Limited
♦ Mr Raghu Babu Gunturu, Co-Founder & Partner, R&A Associates

TiE Young Entrepreneurs – 2015-2016:

Team InfraDetect were declared the  Winners of TYE in TiE Hyderabad (2015-16) Business plan competition
Their business  plan comprised  a product for protection of eyesight from harmful rays of Television.

Team  Infra Detect members: Saranga pagadala ( Oakridge school), Alsmith Angelina ( DRS International school), Cynthia (DRS International school), N.S.S.S. Anvesh  (Lotus national school), Mitali Ganeriwal( Glendale Academy)

Team  MELIOR  were declared the Runner-up of  TYE in TiE Hyderabad (2015-16) Business plan competition.
Their business plan was a product for protection from mosquitoes through sonic rays

Team MELIOR members: Aashna Golla (Open minds a Birlaschool), Vishal Ladha (Gitanjali school), Advait  Modi( Meridian school), Rafat (Naryana Junior College), Manasva Reddy(St.Joseph’sPublic School), Navika Reddy Chandupatla (Oakridge International School).